Hero Forge, Episode 33: Cathy O’Dowd

Cathy O’Dowd is perhaps best known for being the first woman in history to summit Mount Everest from both sides. She is a NY Times bestseller author and Cathy has spoken to corporations and groups in more than 40 countries about what she has learned from her adventures in the Himalaya, focusing upon lessons of leadership, team dynamics, achieving goals and the motivation needed to see through long term projects and expeditions. Refreshingly candid, Cathy observes that “Everest does not provide answers to life’s problems. It is just a very high lump of rock. Our answers have to come from within us”.

In 2017 and 2018, Andy Fisher created a podcast called the Hero Forge project. In 2019 he appeared on the Movers Mindset podcast (episode 60). In response to his interview on Movers Mindset, several people expressed interest in hearing the Hero Forge podcast, and we—Andy and Craig—are delighted to present these audio files here for your enjoyment!

You can find Andy’s book, The Hero Forge on Amazon and you can reach him these days via his photography web site, Andy Lee Fisher Headshots. If you’d like to discuss the Hero Forge podcast, (or anything else related to Movers Mindset,) please consider joining the Movers Mindset community.