How has your practice affected your life?

To know how my practice affected my life, I need to tell you first how my life was before I started doing parkour.

As a kid, I was active and liked to run and be all around the place. In my teenage years, I like to play computer games. I like it so much that it is all I do. I play until 4 a.m. during summer vacations and I wake up around 4 p.m. everyday. I was like that for 3-4 years. I was a skinny, weak kid who played video games all throughout the day.

Now, I am a lot stronger physically and mentally than before. I have a lean body. Parkour made me see a path that I should follow whereas before, I did not care much about the future. I stopped playing video games and made me realized that “the time spent on playing video games would be a complete waste because you will not gain anything from it besides entertainment. If you spend the time instead on physical activities such as parkour, your body will be stronger and you will carry that improvement in other things and in the future.” My interests were widened. My mind became open to other things. I have met many friends through parkour.