What are you doing?

(This question is part of the “What are you doing?” project.)

I’m training, practicing. I’m looking for movement challenges. I’m usually looking for something that I haven’t done before, seeing how I can practice it, and become comfortable enough with it that it feels like second nature. I’m looking for things that I haven’t seen before, I’m looking to interact with architectural moments that I haven’t noticed before, I’m looking to create something here, right now, in this moment. And I think that, by doing that, and by committing to that practice and by sharing that practice, we can really explore the potential in ourselves and in the spaces we go to.

What are your goals?

My goals are to continue to develop Parkour as an agent for social change. Parkour’s strongest suits are that it is available to everyone regardless of physical ability or financial access. This means that the resulting social infrastructure developed around parkour is potentially one of the greatest systems of diversity possible. It is important to me that ideas and entities existing within parkour are helping to catalyze this growth, because this is one of the things that makes parkour as amazing as it is.