How has your practice affected your life?

Training Parkour has absolutely changed my life. Originally, when I first entered college in Cleveland, Ohio, I didn’t do anything related to fitness or exercise, and figured I would spend my life as an engineer at a desk or work bench and not much else. However, I ended up dropping out of that university and moved to Boston instead, changing my focus of study to Biochemistry. I had already picked up running and was slowly grabbing hold of the idea that movement and the human body might be something that really clicked for me. I kept running exclusively for a while, but I had aspirations to do more. After seeing Kacy Catanzaro compete on American Ninja Warrior, I realized that I didn’t need to be some huge dude to give it a shot, and so I set my sights on competing on American Ninja Warrior (spoiler: I haven’t competed, but I’d like to try out next year for fun). As a result, I picked up some gymnastics, some rock climbing, and, of course, Parkour. And that’s when everything really clicked. Seeing everyone move in such creative ways, seeing the unity of the Parkour Spirit and reimagining the world around me as more like a playground and less like a prison, the world really opened up to me. After starting to train Parkour, I knew that moving and helping others move was something I had a genuine passion for that I had never bothered to take seriously. As a result, I still kept my major, but I’m applying to schools to study Physical Therapy, and it’s because of Parkour, and I’m really excited about it.