What are you working on now?

I’m also working on a website about parkour myself. I eventually want to have a community like you do, but right now I’m mainly focused on creating informative and actionable content so that people can get into parkour and freerunning or improve their skill if they’re already a practitioner.

The aim of the site is to bring awareness to and teach parkour as well as inspire creative and mindful movement through cinematic freerunning videos. Other goals include spreading the love of the movement, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and breaking down the stereotype that parkour is a dangerous/reckless sport while showing that parkour is for everyone and practicing it can really change your life for the better.

Right now I post a new article every Wednesday and every now and then I add a video to compliment guides and tutorials. After a while, the site will be a source of information on all things parkour and freerunning, including resources to get started with the discipline. The end game is to have a community of JOEKAs (Just Overly Enthusiastic Kreative Acrobats) where openness, togetherness, and playfulness is encouraged as we all share, learn and grow together.

If you like you can take a look at the site.

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