Whom do you Admire?

Andy Keller. I met this guy back around 2011, just when I was starting out. I always looked up to him (back then it was because he was an admin on the APK forums!) and still do to this day. Though he may not know it Andy has helped me almost more than anyone in life. I was not with a very good crowd of people in high school but I always looked forward to training with Andy after school so I could forget about all of that. He has influenced me to change who I am as a person and to choose to be around people who better myself. Training with Andy is always a blast and I always come out with a smile on my face even if we are doing some punishing conditioning. He is the kind of guy that everyone can look up to and he has been nothing but a positive influence on me. Thanks Andy!

What do you call your practice?

I’m not sure that I could name or pinpoint my practice for several reasons. As one of the odd ball group members over the last few years I have actually decided to focus more time on other areas of my life instead of training, namely my career. Don’t let this fool you as I still love training and don’t think I’d be where I am today without it, even if I don’t practice as much. If I had to name my practice I’d say it is first and foremost a hobby. A hobby I use to forget the world and stay fit. I train for fun. I enjoy getting serious from time to time but when I really shine is when I get a bunch of people together and we just jam and train without any plans in mind.

How did your training begin?

My training started back in 2010/2011 when a friend of mine came over to my house and said “hey! Go look up parkour!”. Back then we kinda just copied whatever we saw off YouTube but one fateful day about 6 months into training I asked a certain Andy Keller if he wanted to train with us. It’s been a growing friendship ever since and he has shown me a much different, better side to training.