Hero Forge, Special: Philip Zimbardo

Professor Philip Zimbardo is, arguably, the grandfather of the ‘everyday hero’ movement. As Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, he has published more than 300 academic papers, has authored more than 50 books and has a rich hinterland of subject expertise, ranging from the nature of evil, shyness, hypnosis and time, to name but a few.

Zimbardo rocketed to the world’s attention following his infamous Stanford Prison Experiment in 1971 and he has held the international stage ever since as a respected authority and ground-breaking academic. He has since gone on to found the Heroic Imagination Project and, with his 85th birthday less than a year away, he shows no signs of slowing down, even though he officially retired more than a decade ago!

It was a privilege to share a conversation with Professor Zimbardo while he was in the middle of a hectic series of speaking engagements in Stockholm, and to explore with him, the underlying patterns of his life’s work, his take on the current geo-political climate and the future of heroism studies.

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