Where do you call home?

Kilgore, Texas (pop 15,000) will always be home Рwell really 10 miles out of town in the country with our dog, cats, horses, garden, and trees. I might wander around for a while in the upcoming years, but there’s something special about being a Texan (no offense to those not blessed to be born in the greatest country Рsorry, I meant state).

Where do you call home?

My definition of home has changed constantly over time. But now that I have graduated and finished my schooling, my priorities have really changed.

Most of my life has been spent living with my family and these past couple years I have been living alone in Philly nearby campus from a dorm room to an apartment. While I lucked out and was living with some good guys, it was very clear from the beginning that they were not part of my path and that was something I really started to take notice.

I wasn’t complete, there was something still missing
Sure, with these guys, going out and drinking and partying was great here and there but that joy only lasts so long before it becomes jaded. I loved these guys that I had gotten close with during my time in Temple but it was like we weren’t on the same level of flow. Truthfully, most weekends I didn’t spend there in Philly. I either went back home or trained with the LVPK crew, I was lucky to have had those people around because in all honesty…they filled that gap.

That is why I kept going back, that is why I want them in my life. Because they are home.
Home to me, is being in the company of those whom you love, who surround you with joy and strength, who challenge you and above all, bring the best out of who you are. My family doesn’t just include my blood, but also my closest of friends.

For me, They Are Home.