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I am ADD and I have nothing against the gymnastics discipline, its practitioners and the federations that govern them.

That said, it is no longer a question of defending one branch (ADD or Parkour or Freerun) rather than another, we want to cut off our tree, and, like what has already been said in the different exchanges on this subject since the publication of the FIG, I consider that our discipline-whether it is indifferently called ADD, Freerunning or Parkour- and gymnastics, since they are two totally separate entities, do not have to be governed by the same instance. Under what pretext should they? Because some of our acrobatic techniques are inspired by those of gymnastics? It would be as unfair and incomprehensible as if other federations, other sporting disciplines, claimed their legitimacy to govern us, one under the pretext that some martial arts techniques are used to fall, the other, some Yoga techniques for our stretches, a third, some athletic techniques to improve our jumps in length … All this would have neither tail nor head …


For all those who have known how to believe in us and continue to do so, to believe in our practice and for those who want to believe in the exchange and sincere sharing between individuals, I thank them for their support. I rarely take a position so openly, but following the publication of the FIG projects, the confusion in the minds of many practitioners is such that I can not decently remain silent and unmoved. As a co-founder of the ADD, it is obvious that I stand alongside my brothers Chau, Laurent, Malik, Williams, to support all international and national parkour and freerunning organizations (Parkour UK, FPK and all those who have joined the movement), and all the personalities in the community like Eugene Minogue, Julie Angel, who have come out loud and clear against what could cause the end of the legitimacy of our common practice. I thank you all for your mutual support, as well as for your responsiveness. The FIG thinks perhaps to be bold and innovative? On our side, we are now much to think that it is rather a spoliation, at least. An explanation from its leaders would be more than necessary to unravel the situation.

What about their accomplices?

When some strive to remain honest and independent for the sake of the practice and well-being of their practitioners, others who claim to belong only to the parkour branch from the beginning, demonstrate today that they only go after the money, thus sparking the lust. This drift can have no other purpose than to serve the opportunists and the long-term opportunists. Personally, as a proud representative of Yamakasi that still burns in me today, I would like to state unequivocally that I have not represented the vision or the approach of Mark C., David B. and Charles P. for a very long time. Arrivism, individualism and greed stand here to try to lead the gang. It’s nice to tell them that money has never made anyone happy, they still believe it’s more comfortable to cry by car than by bike. Well ! Even if their hypothetical ethic would like us to drive in an electric car “to get things done”, we must not forget that as ecological as it is, the electric car has a limited autonomy that will require them early or later, to continue the way on foot, when we, poor conscious, we will continue in tandems from all sides. As they wish, we will have them (once again) warned. As for Mr. Watanabe, he is described in a well-known French sports journal article THE TEAM (link in comment), as being someone ambitious and whose program, I quote: “is based on the commercial development of gymnastics to increase its popularity. Secretary General of the Japanese Gymnastics Federation since 2001, he revived the discipline in his country, which had failed to distinguish at the Atlanta Games (1996) and Sydney (2000). This is a portrait we could not more explicit!

Finally, I just learned that my brother Christopher will accompany (will participate himself?) Two of the Yamak Pacific FISE next games, invited by Charles! After David, so it’s my brother’s turn to fall into the arms of the counterfeit Morpheus aka Charles the Somniferous. It makes you sleep for a while, you are happy the time of your sleep, and one day, you end up waking up, completely stripped. I would have warned you my brother.

Thank you to all those who understand us, thank you to everyone who understood us from the beginning, thank you to all those who have just opened their eyes.

YAMAKASI and ADD Co-founder